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INEE aims to provide closed-loop business solutions that boost your businesses with global resources and most up-to-date technologies.
About Us

We'are All About One Thing: Building Your Digital Appearance

We Help Your Brand to Grow with Closed-Loop Digital Solutions

INEE helps self-employeed clients such as Dentists, Accountants, and Lawyers establish their online profiles by building personal websites. For companies who wants to promote themselves through search engine and social media, we helps them build company websites and optimize SEO. Minimaoo also offers world-class e-commerce one stop solutions from marketing research, supplier connections, supply chain, to website building and SEO.

Website Design & Development

Design and develop company website and personal website with stakeholders in mind that helps companies and individuals boost their online appearance.

Data Analysis & SEO

Utilize the SEO, Machine Learning, and AI technology, and customized website traffic and social profile reports to help you better understand businesses.

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Consulting

Provide digital marketing solutions after positioning your brand and analyzing the current competitors to raise your brand awareness.

E-Commerce Solutions

Provide end-to-end services on product marketing research and product selection, supplier contact list, supply chain, social media, and online store.

Our Services

This is how we can help you

We provide services from brand consulting, technology consulting and development, website design and development, eCommerce store end-to-end solutions. You can pick the service that best satisfy your needs. 

How Does It Work

A successful online business project looks like this


Understand Your Business

• One on one meeting with consultant

• Analyze your brand positioning

• Provide consulting decks on how to improve your online appearance


Design & Develop Your Website

• Make website design prototype​
• Specify all business and technical requirement
• Test landing page with A&B testing


Conduct Digital Marketing Plans

• Research on multi-channel marketing based on nature of your business
• Set up Google Ads, SEO Plan, social media Ads: TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
• Provide social media content scrawling such as TikTok videos, Instagram Pictures.


Analyze Your Website Traffic

• Conduct customized BI reports on your website traffic

• Collect your competitors and your social media content, performance, and ads data

• Make new online business plan

These are our past projects with clients

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